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Generating a thorough understanding of the functional ecology of the Elephant Marsh incorporating hydromorphology, ecosystem services, biodiversity, and livelihoods; and model past, present, and future possible management strategies.

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  • client: Department of Ministry and Water
  • from: 2018
  • to: 2016
  • country: Malawi
  • region Nchalo/Nsanje
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To use a variety of data sources to compile a framework of change at temporal and spatial scales of relevance to river ecosystems, and to correlate these with known, and measured, changes in river ecosystem condition with the aim of identifying the long-term: (1) natural cycles; (2) non-flow related impacts and (3) flow related impacts on components of the rivers.

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  • client: Water Research Commission
  • from: 2017
  • to: 2017
  • country: South Africa
  • region Western Cape