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Process Consultant: Politics and development that are indifferent to sustainability have come at profound cost to the River Ravi ecosystem. The previously rich ecosystem hosted 65 fish species and a myriad of other wildlife; most of which is gone. Much of the floodplain has been converted to farmland or urban development. The perennial and non-perennial tributaries are drains conveying wastewater from large urban centres to the River Ravi. And, in parts, the River Ravi itself can no longer sustain aquatic life throughout the year. The objectives of the River Ravi study are: To undertake a comprehensive current situation assessment of the river basin, including the pollution situation and its impacts on human and ecosystem health, climate change risks and vulnerabilities, institutional gaps and development needs; To summarise the outcomes as an ADB knowledge product that can be used to raise public awareness, foster policy engagement and generate support for the revitalization and resilience plan, and its subsequent implementation; To develop a long-term, multisector plan to revitalize and build resilience in the Ecosystem of River Ravi Basin, including recommendations for investment projects and institutional reforms, including: an analytical framework for the plan developed through multi-stakeholder visioning exercises and consultation and one or two prefeasibility studies will be prepared for identified priority projects.

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  • client: ADB/Hagler Bailly Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
  • from: 2018
  • to: 2019
  • country: Pakistan
  • region Islamabad
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